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"How To Move To, Live In And Work In Spain Without
Sacrificing Your Health, Sanity Or Wallet.
Our Five Years Of Mistakes Are The Key To Your Dream
Life In Spain - Yes, You CAN Have It Too."


From Justin Aldridge
Tuesday, 30 July 2009

Dear friend

Five years ago we made the move to Spain which many people only ever dream of doing. Some of our friends thought we were brave whilst others thought we were stupid. I should have sided with the ones that thought we were stupid after all the heartache we went through in the first couple of years.

That's why we've been working flat out to put these videos together so that you can benefit from all the mistakes we've made over the years.

Check out this preview of Spain Uncut:

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How Can Spain Uncut Improve Your Spain Experience?

It has taken us many months to squeeze five years of our ups and downs in Spain into these videos. It has been an exhausting process. Completing this has become an obsession for me in the last five months.

I was up until 1:00am, 2:00am and sometimes 3:00am pretty much every day making sure we covered EVERYTHING we felt mattered in Spain Uncut.

We have poured our hearts and souls into this and we didn't want to leave anything out. This is a COMPLETE and unique insight into moving to and setting up a good life in Spain for you and your family.

Let me show you everything that's in the videos:

VideoVideo 1: Five Years In Spain

Here we start off by talking about the reasons behind the making of Spain Uncut and what you can expect to gain from our experience.

VideoVideo 2: Why Move To Spain 

And don't say weather!  Here we take a look at the reasons why we moved to Spain, the reasons others have moved to Spain too and the reasons you may have for wanting to live here. This covers many subjects such as cost of living, simple pleasures, lifestyle etc. A good one to question and understand your own desires.

VideoVideo 3: Choosing The Location

When we decided to make the move this was a real problem for us. It's one thing to holiday here and a totally different matter living here. We discuss what you need to consider when choosing where to live in Spain. There's more to it than just the proximity to the beach!

VideoVideo 4: Making The Move

I planned everthing. I really didn't believe I could have planned any more. I had spreadsheets and lists coming out of my ears. Yet in the end there was little point. We got so much of this wrong that I uninstalled Excel from my laptop! If nothing else this video will hopefully really enable you to properly plan your move to Spain by considering the points raised in this video.

VideoVideo 5: Arriving In Spain

We had a nightmare when we first arrived. Here we cover our own experiences and offer guidance to help you make your arrival in Spain smoother and cheaper by not making some of these common mistakes.

VideoVideo 6: The Dreaded Paperwork

I really hate Spain for this! Why do they just seem to make everything so complicated and stressful? As a "newbie" in Spain you will have to deal with the dreaded paperwork. NIE number, empadronamiento,'s oh so boring but oh so important. Here we explain exactly what it is you need to do by explaining the processes involved. You'll thank us for this!

VideoVideo 7: Education & Schools 

"I want a better life for my kids." Yes, I'm glad we are raising our kids in Spain but would you bring a teenager over to Spain? We see too many expats with kids that are totally lost in an education system they can't understand because they don't know the language. Understanding the Spanish education system is imperative before even deciding to move to Spain. It's very different here. Here we take a look at nurseries, state schools and also International schools (this can be a very expensive option so prepare to budget for it especially for older kids).

VideoVideo 8: Healthcare

After money healtcare is probably the next biggest reason why people end up leaving Spain in the end. You never plan to get ill but when you do it can be tough being in a foreign environment, in a foreign language, not understanding the system. Here we discuss they way the health system works in Spain and also the option of private healthcare.

VideoVideo 9: Banks & Money

Discover why you should check your Spanish bank statements AT LEAST every week and how the banks work in Spain. We also discuss the "cash culture" in Spain. Some of the points raised here will certainly save you money!

VideoVideo 10: Buying A Property

We have made every blunder we always warn others not to do! It's so easy to get your fingers burnt buying in Spain...unless you know what to do. In this video we tell you about the mistakes we made and then grab some sound advice from our "honest estate agent" Andrew. Making a mistake when buying a property could cost you thousands.

VideoVideo 11: Getting A Mortgage

I hold my hand up and say that I know absolutely nothing about mortgages. That's why for this video we sought the help of a professional mortgage broker in Spain to give us the low down on getting a mortgage here. And yes, it IS that difficult to get a mortgage at the moment. Hopefully with this advice you'll have a clearer picture of your options and what you can expect.

VideoVideo 12: Getting A Job

Unless you're retiring to Spain you'll need to earn a living here. Getting a job is very tough. And salaries may not be what you expect. If you do need to work in Spain this will give you a good insight into what to expect and the sorts of opportunities available to you.

VideoVideo 13: Working For Yourself

Can't get a job? Maybe you need to consider setting yourself up in business here. Forget everything you know...the Spanish system will grind you down by itself. This is THE video I wish I'd watched before setting up Eye on Spain here. Great advice on the types of businesses in Spain, employing people, the costs involved, taxes and other useful "businessey stuff". Don't start a business in Spain without watching this first.

VideoVideo 14: Learning The Lingo

For the past five years Susan has been totally obsessed with mastering Spanish and she has reached an incredibly high level in that time. Many expats never bother, others are too scared to make fools of themselves. But you shouldn't be afraid. In this video we give some sound advice on learning Spanish and Susan also discusses why sometimes it may be best NOT to learn it at all!

VideoVideo 15: Getting To Know The Spanish

If you want to live in Spain you really have to understand the way that the Spaniards are. This is a great isight with a big input from David, who is Spanish. He tells us what the Spanish are really like!

VideoVideo 16: Making Friends

As you exit the airport terminal you won't find a load of people wanting to be your friends! Being away from people you know, such as family and friends back home, has lead to many expats feeling incredibly lonely and depressed. Making friends in Spain can be's just knowing who to befriend.

VideoVideo 17: The Cost Of Living

This is a firm favourite of mine. Stop the press! Spain is no longer cheap, especially if you live along any of the main Costas. Prices have been going up and most of our Spanish friends are complaining about the cost of living here, and many blame the expats. Underestimate the cost of living in Spain at your own peril.

VideoVideo 18: Community Living

Apart from old villages and indepent villas, most properties in Spain belong to part of a community, a cost which ever owner has to pay. Here we take a look at what is a community in Spain, how much it costs, what you can do you in your community and much more. Here you will most likely be a part of a are not alone!

VideoVideo 19: Levels Of Integration

Want to be near other expats? That's ok. Want to live in a quiet inland village? Everyone's expectations and desires are completely different. At the end of the day you do whatever makes you happy. In this video we look as the different ways that expats integrate into life in their part of Spain.

VideoVideo 20: Customer Service

Not trying to offend any of our Spanish friends but customer service isn't one of Spain's strong points (although I can only comment for Andalucia region on this). In this video we restrain Susan and look at how you are protected when you're spending your money here. And don't forget, it's ok to be agressive.

VideoVideo 21: Coping With Stress And Homesicknes

Moving is stressful. Moving abroad even more so. Setting up a business is more stress. Finding a job also very stressful. Feeling homesick is normal. No matter what anyone says, EVERYONE feels a degree of homesicknes, especially when things go wrong. And you know what? It's ok to feel it. In this video we discuss a subject which many expats often pretend doesn't affect them.

VideoVideo 22: Endurance And Returning "Home"

Anyone who says they are settled after just one month in Spain is lieing. It takes much more time than that and so many people end up returning back home, usually within 6 months. We have seen so many people come and go over the past few years that it's often difficult to keep friends for very long. Here we discuss the possibility of it not working out for you in Spain and how to cope with the potential feeling of failure.

VideoVideo 23: What We Would Have Done Differently

Surely the most important video of them all. These aren't just our opinions. We ask other people to tell us what they would have done differently if they were to do it again. A great summary of common mistakes which you can avoid by knowing them upfront.

Yes, a total of 23 videos packed with genuinely great information and advice.

This is solid powerful stuff. And it might be difficult to believe but we have been providing this stuff every day for a long time...

The World Has Watched Our Information And Advice Since 2004

We've been giving away free information and advice for years to people looking to move to Spain or buy a property here. And we think we've done a pretty good job with this so far...and that's just with the free stuff!

But instead of us telling you how great we are, we thought we would let some of our subscribers tell you. These are just a few of the comments taken from the Spain Uncut blog today:

"I have a few loose ends to tie up before i move. Hope to get my partner a nursing job in gibraltar. Ill gladly pay for a copy of spain uncut as ive enjoyed the siesta show so much for free."
- Ian Smith

"I have been an avid watcher of eye on Spain since its inception. Justin and family you are doing a great job and providing a valuable forum for expats who are part of the EOS community."
- Phil Bateman

"Your website and articles and Siesta TV have been very useful to me. Well Done to all!"
- Mike

"Having someone else point out the pitfalls would be great and maybe give me the confidence to make the big move. Well done on all your hard work! "
- Teresa Hill

"Justin and Team, you have provided valuable info in the past but the new video sounds very exciting. hoping to live in Spain soon I have apartment in south and have followed your site for sometime. Thank you."
- Don

"Well done and keep up the good work Eye on spain is the best website for people wanting information about moving to Spain "
- Fred Pegman

"We moved to Spain last August, and EOS was an enormous help to us all on our new Urbanisacion . We're still experiencing a few teething problems, so I imagine your video could be most helpful if it's as comprehensive as EOS and the Siesta Show."
- Phil Hacking

"I hope to move to Murcia next spring and like many other people have bought a villa and during the process had many stressful moments. The information on your site has helped me get through them I am sure this will be a great bonus."
- Denise

"I can't wait to see 'Spain uncut'! Oh I'm so excited!"
- Lynn

"Your Eye On Spain and the Siesta Show are really great; I imagine that your records of life in Spain Uncut will be enormously helpful to those of us still to actually get there permanently!!"
- Ari

"What a great idea. All the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Good luck with the launch - you have chosen a good day to launch - my birthday - so it's bound to be a success."
- Luciana

"I am a great fan of your site and believe you work very hard to keep ahead of the game which in the present world circumstances aint easy knowing whats what! I am sure your video will make the move to spain for Newbies a whole lot easier and for some of the already there expats and few tips they never knew about I am really looking forward to seeing it."
- Marilyn Sinclair

"You helped us once Justin I'm sure that this video will help us again. I have been learning Spanish for 3 years and want so much to acheive my dream of living in Spain."
- Tracy Hutchinson

"I certainly found the Eye on Spain website very helpful, and have recommended it in my book "Retiring the Ole Way". I look forward to seeing the video and hope that my readers will also find it useful!"
- Sue Walker

"Am sure it will soon become must have viewing! "
Chris Marshall


This is just a sampling of the comments that we have received.  There are a lot more...but they all really say the same thing - we are really good at giving out information and advice that actually helps people.  We know Spain, the difficulties of moving here and living here, the joys it can bring, we live it every day and so can you.

Now at this point you are probably wondering what a unique video series lie this will cost.

But I think the question you should be asking yourself is...

What Will It Cost You To NOT Own "Spain Uncut"?

You know this...when moving abroad or buying a property abroad knowledge and skills are power.

Ignorance costs you money.  It nearly cost me my family I got it so wrong.  We didn't know what we were doing and as a result the money that we had which was supposed to last us for 12 months, we ended up exhausting this within just 3 months.  Imagine that, after three months in a foreign country with no money and a family to feed.

I have a feeling that if you are still reading this letter at this point, you have got to be serious about fulfilling an ambition of a new life in Spain.

What we have put together in Spain Uncut is the result of our five years to learning, very fast learning.  Advice and information which we could so desperately have needed when we moved. 

If all that knowledge can help you avoid JUST ONE MISTAKE when starting your new life in will pay for itself many times over.

OK, let's wrap this up...

FACT: Most People Spend Way More Than They Planned When Moving To Spain

Yes, it wasn't just us.  For most of our friends their move to Spain ended up costing them considerably more that they expected.  It's just they way it is.  You think you've thought of everything until it's too late.  You WILL be caught out.

That's why Spain Uncut is such a fair investment at just €47.  

The information and peace-of-mind guidance contained within it is really priceless, and there's no other product like this ANYWHERE.  Can you afford to lose money, sacrifice your health or your family when moving to Spain?  No and neither could we but it nearly cost us dearly.

We are so proud of the content that we have put together for Spain Uncut but we wanted to add in one special bonus...

Super Bonus!

tickBonus Video - Setting Up An Online Business & Making Money Online

For the past five years I have worked for myself making a living from the online world.  This is the perfect type of business to set up if you really do want to live the dream.  The start up costs are minimal, you can work from home and you can work the hours that you want.  If you are retired you could use this to supplement your pension or other incomes just working a few hours a day.  In this video I take you through what you need to know to start earning money online.  The different techniques available, how to go about it and what you can expect.  This isn't some wishy-washy video.  This is five years of hard effort, sweat and tears.  This bonus alone is worth 10 times the cost of Spain's that valuable.

And that leads us to...

The Iron Clad Guarantee

I am so confident you will absolutely find "Spain Uncut" an invaluable tool and resource that I'm prepared to remove any risk associated with you buying it.

As a special bonus I am giving a full 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked.  Yes, you can try it out for a whole month and if you're not convinced by it I will give you a full refund and we still part as friends. 

The last thing that I want is to have your money if you aren't happy.  If you don't want the videos for some reason, then we can't get your money out of our wallet and into yours fast enough.

So go ahead and grab your access to the videos now...

Yes Justin, I want to make sure I don't mess everything up like you did!  Please give me instant access to Spain uncut for just €47.

I agree to the following:

tick I will receive instant acess to ALL the Spain Uncut videos full of all the unique information and advice for just €47.
tick I will receive the remaining bonuses that apply to me
tick I understand that the videos are completely covered by your 30-day guarantee.  If for whatever reason I'm not happy with it I can get a 100% refund of what I paid you.
tick I promise to watch ALL the videos and promise to take notes and not make so many of the mistakes others have made.  I will have a stress-free and less expensie move and life in Spain!

Cards that PayPal accepts

Cards that WorldPay accepts

Everyone always says that you can never do enough research before moving abroad, setting up a business abroad or buying a property abroad.  They don't say that for nothing.  It is tough, it is complicated, it is stressful and it can end up costing you a lot more money then you planned.

So if you're looking for real world guidance and proper advice, that's what we're offering you in "Spain Uncut".

Here's to your successful and healthy life in Spain!

All the best

Justin Aldridge

P.S.  Remember that you really have nothing to lose here.  Your purchase is backed up by my 100% 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you don't think even just one tiny tip from the videos will make it pay for itself then just let me know and I'll happily give you your money back, I can't say fairer than that.  Grab it now!